Anything that takes in oxygen, which feeds off something, is alive. No one in this world has the right to take a life. The world destroys something precious without a care in the world. The precious life of a child is something everyone should respect, not disregard. Abortion destroys life, is the easy way out of pregnancy and pain. According to Sallie Tisdale’s short story “We Do Abortion Here: A Nurse’s Story,” the author “cannot bear another basin of bloody remains” (1). Tisdale could no longer bear the continuous in and out patients and the endless death surrounding the ghastly procedure.

The moment the egg is fertilized there is a life born. There are laws that protect the life of animals, but why is it that people are able to kill the life of a human? A person should not be able to terminate a life just because it is small. Another word for abortion is murder. Having an abortion is the same as killing a person. There is no way around that fact. “[Abortion] exists because we are able to ask such questions, able to assign a value to the fetus which can shift with changing circumstances” (30). A fetus may not look like a person, but it is a life that is developing to become a part of our society.

So many young teenage women have sex without a second thought. These young ladies might not even use protection. The problem is these girls will not use the protection correctly. Many young women do not think about the consequences that go along with having sex. Once a teenager learns that she is pregnant, the first thing they wish to do is get an abortion. “Every day I take calls from women who are annoyed that we cannot see them, cannot do their abortion today, this morning, now,” they only think about themselves and how the pregnancy will affect their lives (22). They do not think about the life that is growing inside them. In the U.S, there are about 1.3 million abortions per year. Most of the abortions happen in the first trimester, which is about 88 percent. The other 12 percent of the abortions happen in the second trimester of pregnancy.

Once a woman has an abortion, there is no turning back. Many women regret their hastily made decision. They do not realize how much they will miss the life that was growing inside of them. After they realize their mistake, they will fall into depression because they know that they will not be able to change what they did. ‘’The distance between the two, the length I pace and try to measure, is the size of an abortion’’ (5) They should not be able to make the decision to have an abortion while they are riding an emotional rollercoaster.

Murder equals abortion. Abortion equals destruction of life; an easy way out of a consequence, and the regret that follows. This is why abortion should be illegal. No one should be allowed to take away the life of a child no matter what the circumstances. Life is to be treasured and not discarded like trash, “imagine a world where this won’t be necessary, and then return to the world where it is” (39). How would you feel if your own mother had made the wrong choice?


One comment on “Abortion

  1. Shadow Lady says:

    Alright, this is interesting, it is. And a lot of counts, I agree with you. But, you forget something.
    What about women who CANNOT carry a child to term, without them, the child, or both, dying? Women who are physically incapable of doing so due to health issues? Or what about women who are raped? Should they have to bear that child, a permanent reminder of what happened to them?
    There are ways, in this day and age, to see if your child will be born with certain disabilities. Is it *ethical* to bring a child into the world, that not only would be unable to live a full life, but would be unable to live in anything even remotely resembling good health?
    There is a disorder called Harlequin-type ichthyosis. The skin is cracked, scaly, the appendages are retracted, and the child usually *dies.* Is it *ethical* to force a child through that?
    There are women, as I mentioned, who cannot carry a child to term. In the example I shall use, my mother, there is a five percent chance of both her and the baby coming out healthy. Fifteen for both coming out alive, thirty for just one or the other to come out alive. Is it *ethical* to force a woman in that situation through that risk?
    You talk like the only reason for an abortion is because a silly teenage- or grown- woman has unprotected sex and doesn’t want to have a baby. You talk like all abortion is is a method of birth control. It’s not. I respect some of your reasons for why it’s wrong- but please. Remember the reasons why, in some cases that aren’t as rare as you might think, it’s right.
    How would *you* feel if your own mother had died because she couldn’t get an abortion?

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