Oh Audience: A Cordial Intro

Hello Audience,

To some, I’m a familiar face. To those who recognize me, I tip my hat to you. It’s wonderful to see you here. My fellow writers have introduced themselves in their unique fashions, now I will introduce myself, briefly.


I have been writing, creatively, since I was a small child. I loved the thrill of imagination that I would rise whenever I created such a character that even I looked at and wished I could be. My writing grew more towards the analytically side of things. I like to take things apart, and see how many ways I can look at it before I arrive at my own. I love reading, I like video games, cycling, rollerblading, and tennis. I’m always interested in hearing how other people see the world. Meeting people who enjoy a bit of civil discourse is always a pleasure for me. It’s an opportunity, to see another angle. To think differently about things that seem obvious.

I have blogged for over a year, on and off as time permitted. I go to University of Houston and my major is in business. I had originally intended to major in history, as history is something I enjoy talking at length about and generally enjoy. However, as the tide changes through the day, so to do the plans of mankind. Circumstances led me to a place where it became prudent of me to major in business instead. My focus will either be marketing, or management. I haven’t decided. It it strange to me that I used to be so sure of what I could do, and suddenly the unexpected flashed in my vision. I saw an opportunity for adventure that wasn’t previously there. A lure of the uncertain that promised a tomorrow I had never thought about previously. How could I refuse?


I wasn’t very brief, but it’s much better then I expected myself to do. Audience, this blog is not just about the authors. It’s also about you. We like discussions, so we might comment in each other’s posts. I encourage anyone and everyone to do the same. One of our goals, is hearing your thoughts audience. To a brighter tomorrow, and the learning eternal. I will thoroughly enjoy being apart of this new thing. It will be my joy to captivate you.


2 comments on “Oh Audience: A Cordial Intro

  1. Peace2012 says:

    For many of us the way is not quite clear. It is our character that help map the way for us; however, the road may get a bit rocky sometimes, but it doesn’t stay that way. I look forward to more post from the Habitualscribes. I wonder how you guys decided upon that name.

    • 3DCitizen says:

      That is true. In a way, it makes it much more interesting. The name itself took quite some time. With all of the usual things that go into a name, and of course the question: What’s in a name? It felt important to get it right the first time. Thanks for taking the time to come here. And welcome to the conversation.

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