It’s funny how when you make mistakes and you try to fix them by making things right again. They will just not care, listen, or even bother with you anymore. No giving you a chance to speak or make thing right again. I knew a lot of people once and I try to treat them right and be there as a true friends but I always mess up somehow. The things I do were never meant to hurt anyone. I just made silly mistakes and hurt people. With every moment and every second past. I see that some people will forgive you and others will not. In that moment you will find which are your true friends and which are not. No matter if you hurt them or even made many silly mistakes or even horrible once. Your true friends will forgive you if you really did recognize your mistakes and say (I AM SORRY FOR HURTING YOU). In the moment you will know something that no matter how hard you try to fix thing or even try to be perfect one day you will make a mistakes and some people will not forgive you and they will call you names, talk bad about you, or even won’t like you anymore but if you keep moving forward and never look back and keep looking for hope and faith you will be just fine. Through my life I have made many mistakes and I have learned from them. But sometimes I get down or get so (EMO) that I hate my life for it. I still hate myself for what I have done to people but what keeps me going is my FAITH, BELIEVE, AND THE WILL OF HOPE FOR THING TO GET BETTER IN THE FUTURE. So to anyone that is struggling or made bad mistakes just remember to never look back and keep moving forward with your back straight and you head up high. And you will see that with FAITH AND THE WILL TO BELIEVE EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE IN YOUR LIFE. Even if your down and (emo) just keep moving forward.


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